Achieving Results with Outcome Measures

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) is a non-profit organization with the mission “to unlock the potential of value-based health care by defining global Standard Sets of outcome measures that really matter to patients for the most relevant medical conditions and by driving adoption and reporting of these [outcome] measures worldwide”.

Standardizing Outcome Measures

ICHOM brings together healthcare professionals and patients from around the world to discuss health treatments, and to define and understand treatment outcomes. Once measures are defined, the Standard Set of Outcomes for the treatment of that condition is released. Standard Sets are minimum data sets of patient reported outcomes and associated risk factors for specific diseases and conditions. ICHOM is working towards publishing 50 Standard Sets by 2017 to cover more than 50% of the global disease burden.

The ICHOM Working Group Approach


  • ICHOM Working Groups bring an objective global perspective to standardizing outcome measures
  • Clearly defined Standard Sets of outcome measures for individual diseases and conditions
  • Standard Sets include the patient perspective

Certified Supplier status with QuestLink®

VitalHealth QuestLink is a powerful, flexible, platform that can be seamlessly integrated into routine clinical practice to provide valuable insights that benefit both patients and providers. ICHOM evaluated and confirmed VitalHealth QuestLink is capable of the data collection needed for implementing their Standard Sets.

Earning the certification of being an ICHOM-compliant system means VitalHealth QuestLink meets the privacy, security, and functionality requirements to meet the needs of healthcare providers when implementing Standard Sets of outcome measures into their daily practice. QuestLink is the solution needed to achieve widespread adoption of patient reported outcome measures and drive value-based health care globally.

Commitment to Outcome Measures

As more Standard Sets are released, VitalHealth is dedicated to expanding the partnership by integrating these Standard Sets of outcome measures into QuestLink.

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