How does VitalHealth Patient Engagement help you?

Patient engagement is critical to achieve the Triple Aim of improving outcomes, improving the patient experience and lowering costs for the delivery of care. Patient compliance improves when they are involved and engaged in their care. Highly activated patients have been shown to have better outcomes.  Health care systems and patients benefit from more highly engaged patients.

VitalHealth Patient Engagement solutions support easy online collaboration between care providers and patients. These solutions support continuous automated monitoring of patients between office visits. The automated evaluation of patient responses to validated surveys ensures that the patient is given the right care at the right time and potentially avoids unnecessary office visits which add no value in the care process.

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Benefits VitalHealth Patient Engagement

  • Remote monitoring;
  • Personalized online education;
  • User friendly interfaces for mobile devices;
  • Continuous automatic monitoring.

Value Addressed by VitalHealth Patient EngagementPatient-Eng_1_US

  1. Improved clinical outcomes through automated alerts;
  2. Improved patient experience through automated surveys;
  3. Automated engagement through individualized care plans;
  4. Automated rules based evaluation of patient responses.

Shared Decision Making

The VitalHealth Patient Engagement solutions ensure that patients participate in a timely manner in shared decision making, supporting better health outcomes. These solutions support the assignment of individualized care plans based upon best practice care pathways and patient preferences. Shared decision making is supported leading to higher levels of patient engagement and improved outcomes.

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