How does VitalHealth Outcome Measurement help you?

Outcomes are what matters, to patients, providers and payers.  Recently systems to support the efficient collection of outcomes have become even more important as reimbursement has been linked to measurable outcomes.  VitalHealth Software solutions support the efficient collection of outcomes data.  The configurable rules based approach automates the collection of the outcomes data and use of that data to improve individual patient care. 

Our solutions support the ability to determine the value of care provided, individualize that care to meet the expectations of each patient and provide actionable data to providers.  These solutions ensure that the perspectives of all stakeholders are part of outcomes analysis.





Benefits VitalHealth Outcome Measurement

  • Hundreds of validated survey tools;
  • Automating the implementation of PROs and ROMs;
  • Integration with base EMRs to ease implementation of outcomes measurement;
  • Analytics based upon individual or client specified groups.

Value Addressed by VitalHealth Outcome MeasurementOutcome-Mea_2_US

  1. Payments are increasingly linked to outcomes measurement;
  2. VitalHealth Software solutions minimize the administrative burden to implement outcomes measurement;
  3. VitalHealth Software solutions create actionable information at the patient and population level;
  4. VitalHealth Software solutions provide a flexible tool to address multiple needs (PROs, ROMs, patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction and other).

Validated survey instruments 

VitalHealth Software’s Outcome Measurement solutions support hundreds of validated survey instruments.  Many of these instruments are required for reimbursement by payers including CMS.  The ease with which these surveys can be automatically sent, based upon diagnostic or procedural codes, helps to ensure that providers and health care systems minimize the administrative burden related to outcomes measurement.  Outcomes data can also be helpful in identifying quality improvement opportunities for health care systems.  Together we can continuously improve the care we provide. 

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