How does VitalHealth Healthcare Analytics help you?

Population management is based upon the evaluation of outcomes for groups of defined individuals. Care is delivered one patient at a time. To improve outcomes for populations we must improve the outcomes for individuals. Therefore VitalHealth Software’s Healthcare Analytics solutions enable providers and systems to both monitor individual outcomes and the outcomes for appropriately risk stratified populations. Our solutions enable health care systems to flexibly evaluate outcomes of populations which are important to the organization.

VitalHealth Healthcare Analytics solutions offer data mining tools and process mining algorithms. This helps health care systems improve their population health outcomes based upon an iterative process of evaluation of appropriately risk stratified groups. The process is based upon individual actionable care plans linked to flexibly configured outcomes measurement. 

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Benefits VitalHealth Healthcare Analytics

  • Tightly integrated with care coordination to adjust the care path of the patients quickly;
  • Ability to deliver actionable data at the individual and population;
  • Integration with existing base EMRs to ensure ease of use by providers and patients;
  • Utilizing the flexibility of the VitalHealth Platform to make changes quickly and efficiently.

Outcome-Mea_2_USValue Addressed by VitalHealth Healthcare Analytics 

  1. Ability to flexibly link evaluation to individual care plans;
  2. Ability to integrate with base EMRs;
  3. Graphical presentation of data to create actionable information;
  4. Ability to be exported to other client preferred BA solutions.

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