How does VitalHealth Care Coordination help you?

The growing global burden of chronic disease is forcing providers and health care systems to deliver the care they provide in new ways. Communication amongst providers and between providers and patients is central to achieving better outcomes at lower costs. VitalHealth Software’s approach to Care Coordination facilitates this new paradigm of health care delivery.

VitalHealth Care Coordination facilitates integrated collaboration within multidisciplinary care teams. It allows for better, more effective and more transparent care for these patients. Our solutions support collaboration and communication between involved healthcare professionals. The automated delivery of reminders and alerts facilitates not only the communication between care providers but also decision support and it ensures that care givers with appropriate expertise can efficiently participate in the care process across the care continuum.


Benefits VitalHealth Care Coordination

  • User-friendly and easily configurable dashboards;
  • Individualized and best practice-based care pathways;
  • Personalized care plans;
  • Built-in clinical decision support, based on (medical) guidelines;
  • Multidisciplinary and role-based access;
  • Integrations with several source systems.

Value Addressed by VitalHealth Care CoordinationCare-Coo_2_US

  1. Automating the interaction with patients providing fully integrated patient engagement;
  2. Facilitating the identification of individuals at risk (risk stratification);
  3. Leveraging the use of patient reported outcomes to monitor the patient’s progress;
  4. Seamlessly integrating in provider work flows, allowing remote monitoring as well as regular follow-up.

Manage Chronic Conditions 

Managing chronic conditions is effective and efficient with VitalHealth’s Care Coordination solutions. Disease specific content, including care pathways, is available for the common chronic conditions including Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, CVD and Behavioral Health. The disease specific care pathways are individualized into care plans for each patient, with role-based assignment of tasks. This allows you to work together as a care team throughout care continuum. The VitalHealth solutions include tools to improve patient engagement, individualize the manner in which they participate in shared decision making and provide remote monitoring.

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