Accountable Care Organization

Working together for better population health 

The Affordable Care Act created a new category of organizations (Accountable Care Organizations or ACOs) in an effort to incentivize new models of care delivery for Medicare beneficiaries. The goal of this program was to improve outcomes and lower costs for the delivery of care. Since 2011 over 700 ACOs have been formed and it is estimated that approximately 24 million US citizens are being served by an ACO. In order to achieve the goal of more effective and less costly care ACOs must identify and disseminate best practices while constantly focusing on the unique needs of individual patients.

The VitalHealth Suite supports Actionable Population Health Management for ACOs. Our solution addresses the entire cycle of care for population health management – assessing and promoting wellness, risk stratification of patient cohorts, coordination of primary care providers and specialists and patient engagement. It includes automated delivery of validated and non-validated survey instruments to ensure remote monitoring and the ability to automate the collection of patient reported outcomes (PROs) and routine outcomes monitoring (ROM).

Preventive health services for ACOs

The VitalHealth Suite has been shown to be effective in the delivery of preventive health services, allowing efficiencies for providers and patients and to deliver educational materials which are valued by patients after they have left the providers office.

The VitalHealth Suite solutions includes the following functionality and features:

  • Care Management in Both Acute and Chronic Care Settings
  • Patient Engagement
  • Ability to Automate the Evaluation of the Patient Experience
  • Outcome Measurement and Management
  • Automation of Data Collection for Reporting and Analysis of Quality Indicators
  • Identification of Best Practices for Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Ability to Assess Value Based Care Delivery Metrics
  • Automated Mental and Behavioral Health Screening and Monitoring

Efficient and sustainable solutions 

The VitalHealth Suite of solutions creates an easily configurable platform to support healthcare organizations deliver efficient, effective and financially sustainable services to their patients. Our solutions have been documented to save physicians time per patient visit, save the allied health professionals time per patient visit and increase the completion of appropriate preventive services for patients. Studies show that both providers and patients appreciate the way in which our solutions allow them to both have more time to focus on the patient’s problems and document the care plan in a way that the patient remembers.


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