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What is Engage?

Healthcare providers are turning to blended care on a massive scale, a mixture of traditional care and eHealth. Blended care helps with maintaining control in the event of illness and responds to the trend of the empowered patient: by making use of digital solutions, patients keep control of their own health and remain informed of their clinical picture. In addition, they need to physically attend less often for treatment, because the traditional consultations are supported with online contact. The use of multiple solutions concurrently shall cause a proliferation of partial solutions, with all the confusion that this entails. In order to provide patients and healthcare providers with insight and overview, it is useful to bundle together different applications.


VitalHealth Engage provides a clear overview of your patient’s available health information in a single portal. The patient can access this portal, which makes this solution very similar to a personal health environment that is prepared by providers. Engage is a total digital solution. The portal offers insight into files and treatment progress, you can do screenings, measure results, make video calls and chat and finally prepare online interventions for your patient, such as treatment modules and self-help programs. With the permission of the patient, family carers can also take part, because better information and good communication opportunities are essential for them in order to be able to continue caring for their loved ones.


For whom?

Because VitalHealth Engage has been developed as a generic solution, it can be used in all sectors of care, including mental health, nursing homes and care homes, home care and hospitals. Engage is based on generic functionalities that can be used in a wide variety of ways. In addition, care paths and  workflows are configured and deployed in such a way that they support the provision of care in your organization. Engage has an architecture that makes it possible to work together across sectors for the client and his care network.

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