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VitalHealth Optometry EHR – Offered by VisionWeb as part of Uprise

VitalHealth’s Optometry EHR was designed with Mayo Clinic and in collaboration with our partner VisionWeb, as a web-based electronic health record for eye care practices. Built on the VitalHealth Platform, our electronic health record software can be easily configured to match the specific exam types and workflow needs required by optometry practices.

Eye Care Specific Functionality in Optometry EHR

An electronic health record that is optimized for eye care practices needs to provide specific support for data elements, exam types and decision support rules that are applicable to optometrists. For instance, it needs to support one-click access to a multitude of eye exam types that are routinely or occasionally performed by optometrists, including device integrations for e.g. keratometry and refractions. Additionally, our Optometry EHR includes a powerful graphical annotation tool with auto-generation of appropriate ICD-10 or ICD-9 codes for diagnoses.

Configurable Workflows in Optometry EHR

Every optometry practice may have implemented a slightly different patient exam flow. VitalHealth’s EHR can accommodate varying workflows through easy configuration and re-arranging of exam types, with configurable default settings. Likewise, individual eye care professionals may have slightly different “thought-flows” that need to be accommodated by easy-to-use screen layouts and user interface controls.

Cloud-based EHR for Optometry with Highly Optimized User Interface

In a typical eye care practice, the OD may frequently move between multiple physical exam rooms, with a need to quickly review a patient’s medical record before entering an exam room. VitalHealth’s EHR was designed to accommodate both stationary workstations as well as mobile use of tablet devices like an iPad, with an attractive and intuitive User Interface. It is highly optimized to minimize data entry, significantly reducing the number or taps or clicks that are typical for data intensive eye exam types, especially when compared to other electronic health record offerings.


  • Tablet enabled electronic health record for eye care practices
  • Highly optimized for rapid exam data capturing
  • Powerful graphical annotation tool with auto-generated diagnosis, plan and coding
  • Certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2


VitalHealth’s EHR is offered to the optometry market exclusively by our partner VisionWeb as “Uprise”, a powerful cloud-based solution for eye care practices that combines the EHR with a full-fledged practice management system including claims processing and product ordering.

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