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Philips VitalHealth frequently issues press releases to announce product releases, new partnerships, major customer wins or participation in industry events. Below is a list of recent press releases and news articles regarding our company.

08 Jul 2008

VitalHealth Platform 2.1 available

On June 31, version 2.1 of the VitalHealth Platform became available. This new version contains important tools to further enhance and develop... read more

05 Jul 2008

SHL and VitalHealth sign cooperation agreement

Stichting Huistartsen Laboratorium in Etten-Leur (Netherlands) - delivering support to care givers in primary care - and VitalHealth software –... read more

16 Jun 2008

New release Vital for Diabetes

Functionality and performance enhancements On June 16th 2008, Vital for Diabetes 3.0 was released. This is an important release that contains many... read more

02 Jun 2008

VitalHealth in Zorgmobiel Amsterdam

Mobile Care unit adopts 'Vital for Smoking Cessation' Zorgmobiel is an outpatient mobile care unit for diabetic patients, initiated by the Stichting... read more

13 May 2008

Vital for Diabetes in Amsterdam

Implementation started in Bijlmer region. Users praise solution as “surprisingly complete” Mid 2007, the MedZZo cooperation was started. MedZZo stands... read more

29 Apr 2008

VitalHealth selected by VGA, establishes partnership

VitalHealth used as software platform for throughput optimization in major hospitals On April 21 VitalHealth announced that it has been selected by... read more

28 Apr 2008

Stichting Gezondheidscentra Enschede selects Vital for Diabetes

Selected after thorough evaluation process by IZIT in cooperation with the physicians of the Twente region After a thorough evaluation process, the... read more

10 Apr 2008

VitalHealth participates in initiative for HIS-KIS agreement

Cooperation leads to seamless integration with HIS systems The introduction of the integrated care network approach in primary care has led to new... read more

07 Apr 2008

Physician group Accuraat selects Vital for Diabetes

Following the adoption of Vital for Diabetes by five physician groups in Almelo, the physician group “Accuraat” in the Gooi region of the Netherlands... read more

31 Mar 2008

VitalHealth and D4H reach milestone with 50,000 diabetic patients

On March 5th 2008, a special occasion was celebrated with care givers Mrs. Bosboom, Mrs. Crohne, Dr. van Rijn (MD) and their patient. The occasion... read more

05 Feb 2008

VitalHealth selected for Dutch rehabilitation centers

Strategic Alliance with VIR e-Care Solutions and joint project agreement with Revalidatie Nederland On February 5, 2008, VitalHealth signed an... read more

06 Dec 2007

D4H Diabetes Care Protocol transitioned to web-based Vital for Diabetes

In close cooperation with Diagnosis4Health, VitalHealth Software has released an automated conversion tool that can be used by family care practices... read more

01 Dec 2007

VitalHealth Software releases Vital for Diabetes 2.1.4

On November 29, VitalHealth Software released an enhanced version of its Vital for Diabetes solution. Amongst numerous other improvements and... read more

09 Nov 2007

First web-based collaborative health solution for COPD and Asthma

VitalHealth Software, the leading supplier for integrated care network disease management products, has released a new product called "Vital for... read more

01 Aug 2007

VitalHealth releases Vital for Diabetes 2.1

At the end of July 2007, VitalHealth Software has released an enhanced version of Vital for Diabetes. As of early August, the rollout of this version... read more

14 May 2007

VitalHealth and D4H roll out solution for collaborative Diabetes care

Starting this month more than 6000 diabetes patients can count on well coordinated diabetes care by and between five Diabetes Care Groups, staffed by... read more

09 Apr 2007

Opening of Mumbai office

Last month VitalHealth Software opened a new sales & development office in Mumbai, India. With Darayus Bharucha as General Manager, 14 people started... read more

12 Mar 2007

Disease Management Alliance established

As a co-founder, VitalHealth Software signed an alliance agreement with several vendors that provide complementary solutions for disease management.... read more

12 Feb 2007

UMC Utrecht selects VitalHealth for rare diseases

The Clinical Chemistry and Hematology departments of the Universitair Medisch Centrum (University Medical Center) of Utrecht in the Netherlands, led... read more

03 Nov 2006

Groot Klimmendaal selects VitalHealth

After a successful evaluation of the VitalHealth platform, Groot Klimmendaal has decided to select VitalHealth as the platform of choice for its... read more

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