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Philips VitalHealth frequently issues press releases to announce product releases, new partnerships, major customer wins or participation in industry events. Below is a list of recent press releases and news articles regarding our company.

30 Jun 2011

Challenges of Small Practice EHR Adoption Now Up for Discussion

VitalHealth Sponsors the VitalBlog; Forum for Industry Leaders to Discuss Challenges of EHRs, Meaningful Use and Related Industry News VitalHealth... read more

23 Jun 2011

VitalHealth EHR submitted for Meaningful Use certification

VitalHealth Submits its Electronic Health Record for Small Practices Designed with Mayo Clinic for Meaningful Use Certification; Invites Small... read more

15 Jun 2011

Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Implements Vital for Diabetes

Vital for Diabetes core clinical application for Diabetes center at SFH Security Forces Hospital (SFH) has been a pioneer in leading the healthcare... read more

15 Jun 2011

Integration between Mental Care Patient Portals

VitalHealth is creating an integration between the "Eigen Regie" (In Control) and "SamenKeuzesMaken" (Shared Decision Making) portals for mental care... read more

15 Jun 2011

Prevention Compass of NIPED

The Dutch NIPED organization aims to increase the awareness of prevention and early detection of chronic diseases. To that effect, NIPED created an... read more

14 Jun 2011

VitalHealth Disease Management solutions now using Single Sign-On

Together with IDN system vendor Portavita and EHR vendors PharmaPartners and Promedico ICT, VitalHealth has added single sign-on capabilities to its... read more

06 Jun 2011

Strategic partnership VitalHealth and Reflectum

Reflectum selects VitalHealth QuestManager as its strategic solution for Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) and Client Directed Outcome Informed (CDOI)... read more

17 Jan 2011

MS Center Amsterdam and VitalHealth develop MS Portal for patients and providers

VU Medical Center contracts Vitalhealth for continued development of MS Portal In December of 2010, the VUmc MS Center Amsterdam selected VitalHealth... read more

22 Nov 2010

IDN Friesland selects VitalHealth

Integrated care Delivery Network for Diabetes and COPD in Friesland IDN Friesland (a province of the Netherlands) has selected VitalHealth’s... read more

19 Nov 2010

Silver Cross provides insurance coverage for VitalHealth based online self-help solution

Online self-help course based on the VitalHealth Platform Nearly 1 in 5 Dutch citizens will deal with some form of depression during the course of... read more

25 Oct 2010

VitalHealth Software collaborates with Mayo Medical Laboratories to offer EHR

VitalHealth and Mayo Medical Laboratories have entered into a collaboration to offer VitalHealth's Electronic Health Record (EHR) product, including a... read more

18 Oct 2010

Mentalshare enthusiastic about new online course ‘Color your life

Based on VitalHealth Platform 'Color your life' is an online course for adults to help them battle symptoms of depression. It is an initiative by... read more

18 Oct 2010

Strategic partnership between VitalHealth and Mental Care institutions

VitalHealth Software announces the takeover of QuestManager activities and clients from SynQuest B.V. SynQuest B.V. was founded in 2008 by seven... read more

18 Oct 2010

Partnership Alzheimercentrum VUmc and VitalHealth for Digital Alzheimer Center

In May of 2010, VitalHealth Software signed an agreement with the Alzheimer in Utrecht (NL), in order to realize the Digital Alzheimer Center. Says... read more

04 Oct 2010

Digital Alzheimer Center announced

Starting November 2010, the new Free University Alzheimer Center in Amsterdam will be using a Digital Alzheimer Center. The solution provides patients... read more

26 Aug 2010

Partnership VitalHealth and Digital Alzheimer Center

In May of 2010, VitalHealth Software signed an agreement with the Alzheimer in Utrecht (NL), in order to realize the Digital Alzheimer Center. Prof.... read more

09 Aug 2010

Dutch Institute for Public Health uses VitalHealth Platform for research project

Recently the Dutch National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) started a project with Vitalhealth Software to use the VitalHealth Platform for and of... read more

26 Jul 2010

Diagnostic Center Jeroen Bosch Hospital establishes IDN

DCJBZ delivers care innovation together with VitalHealth Software Diagnostic Center Jeroen Bosch Hospital (DCJBZ) in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) delivers... read more

22 Jul 2010

VitalHealth succesfully completes EMR-IDN integration test

Together with three partners, VitalHealth Software has successfully completed an integration test for the exchange of information between family... read more

21 Jun 2010

Assisted Selfcare Institute launches Thrombosis Care Circle

Rapid development of e-health application based on VitalHealth Platform Earlier this month, the Netherlands based stichting Begeleide Zelfzorg (sBZ)... read more

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