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Philips VitalHealth frequently issues press releases to announce product releases, new partnerships, major customer wins or participation in industry events. Below is a list of recent press releases and news articles regarding our company.

Integrated Care; the European answer to changing healthcare

VitalHealth applied in Belgium, Germany and Sweden for integrated care. 

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health) is determined to provide a solution fit for evolving healthcare on a European scale. Starting January 1st, a consortium of European partners, including VitalHealth Software, is working on a project called KISS2.0. This unique project focuses on the development of efficient technology to accommodate changing healthcare needs. The consortium will develop a generic and scalable option for all of Europe, with configuration options for local nuances. The international expertise of VitalHealth and its generic model-driven technology will be used to implement Integrated Care in Europe.

The growing number of chronic diseases in Europe puts a lot of pressure on the financing of healthcare. To overcome this pressure, the current process in the care sector should be adjusted  to a new style of healthcare: integrated care, where prevention and self-management by patients is foundational.

To speed up the process of implementing efficient and financially feasible integrated care solutions in Europe, EIT Health has launched the KISS2.0 project. From January, 2016 to February, 2017,the consortium joins forces. VitalHealth Software contributes international expertise of generic, model-driven technology for integrated care. As a leading worldwide player in the field of integrated care, VitalHealth sees this as a strategic opportunity to increase growth in Europe.

“We are excited to participate in this strategic project, since it fits perfectly with our international strategy. The VitalHealth Platform provides an excellent foundation for ambitious projects such as KISS2.0. At the same time, we expect to learn a lot from this project and we look forward to working together with all involved parties.” Says Laurens van der Tang, CEO of VitalHealth Software.

Personalized integrated care

Personalized care, is the focus of the project and will be applied to Flanders, Germany and Sweden.  Wearable device integration is an important aspect to patient self-management and will be used as a component to the KISS 2.0 project.

The primary goal of the project is to offer valuable insights to policy makers and health insurance companies in the before-mentioned regions. The consortium aims to develop eHealth-technology which can be applied in several fields. For example, care coordination, prevention and early detection of chronic diseases, and for patient self-management. At the end of the project, the technology will be tested amongst a population oftype-2 diabetics in the pilot regions and optimized for commercial use on a European scale.

The European KISS2.0 consortium includes nine organizations including: Philips, iMinds, OptiMedis and Vilans.. The project is underway with much enthusiasm and inspiring insights.

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