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Chunyu Mobile Health and VitalHealth Software Form eHealth Partnership

With this collaboration tens of millions of Chinese patients with chronic illness have the potential to receive care.

EDE, Netherlands - Chunyu Mobile Health, a fast-growing Chinese eHealth pioneer with 88 million registered users, and VitalHealth Software, a leading global IT company focused on eHealth, to collaborate on the development of smart mobile eHealth solutions for the Chinese market. Multiple eHealth solutions will be developed on the VitalHealth Platform with the first solution focusing on diabetes management. The Chinese Ministry of Health is also focused on the support for improving healthcare delivered to diabetes patients.

The initial partnership agreement will be for a period of five years. The ultimate goal is to develop solutions for multiple chronic conditions including high blood pressure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Currently, Chunyu provides a communication platform for care providers and patients in China through a mobile app. This app is currently in use by 88 million patients who communicate with 400,000 physicians. Chunyu patients receive a response to their questions via the app from one of the physicians within three minutes. Approximately 300,000 online consultations take place each day.

VitalHealth has the technology expertise to develop a new solution that will help patients and care providers better manage diabetes. Both Chunyu and VitalHealth share the same vision of providing better care for patients with chronic conditions.

Chinese health insurance companies

Chinese health insurance companies will be able to use the solutions to provide support for patients with a chronic disorder. The solution includes built-in medical decision rules which can automatically alert the care provider if the patient appears to be at risk for deterioration in their health status. Alerts may be based upon simple rules such as a missed appointment or complex combination of inputs related to multiple chronic conditions. The physician immediately receives a notification to follow-up on the issue. The use of these medical decision rules not only helps provide efficient and high quality healthcare, but also decreases costs for insurers as these notifications can help to prevent complications of the patient’s underlying condition.

"Chunyu Mobile Health provides state-of-the-art health solutions for the Chinese population. We believe that chronic disease management within Chunyu Mobile Health can provide better results for patients while also reducing medical expenditure on the part of the government. VitalHealth already provides support for a variety of chronic disorders, based on medical rules. We would like to introduce this expertise within Chunyu so that we can provide better service to Chinese patients and physicians," says Fan Jing, Chief Clinical Officer at Chunyu Mobile Health

Insight into the Chinese market

This partnership provides many opportunities for VitalHealth. While already being active in China for several years, this new partnership with Chunyu is an important breakthrough for VitalHealth due to its large patient and physician base.

"VitalHealth has been developing eHealth solutions for nearly ten years and our software already provides support for millions of patients around the world,” says Les Wold, MD, Chief Medical Officer at VitalHealth. “We are enthusiastic about our collaboration with Chunyu Mobile Health to apply the medical rules and knowledge within our software at the scale of the Chinese market.”

About Chunyu Mobile Health

Chunyu Mobile Health is China's largest physician-patient communication platform with 88 million registered patients. Its Chinese smartphone app lets users remotely consult with physicians to diagnose their ailments. As of today, it features 400,000 registered physicians and 300,000 online consultations every day.


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