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Martini Hospital incorporates all questionnaires into one system

Hospital continues to develop with VitalHealth QuestLink®

EDE, Netherlands - The Martini Hospital is scheduled to automate and integrate its questionnaires with the aid of VitalHealth QuestLink. Patients visiting this hospital for medical examinations or treatment are sometimes asked to fill in one or more questionnaires, such as Auto-Anamnesis, PROs, ROM and the CQ-index for patient satisfaction surveys. These questionnaires are then processed into quantifiable data with the aid of the QuestLink application from VitalHealth software, which enables quick access to the results for the care provider. The provider can then adjust or supplement the treatment plan for the patient in a timely manner. This helps with the burden of the hospital, the care provider and the patient.

The main organizational challenge for the Martini Hospital is the processing of all questionnaires into valuable data. That challenge can now be met with the aid of VitalHealth QuestLink, which is an absolute must for an organization involving 385,000 outpatient visits, 32,000 day care patients and 25,000 hospitalizations each year. This way the hospital avoids multiple questionnaire systems for each individual subject. In addition, the data is centrally available, and technical adjustments such as integrating with the Electronic Patient Record can be made centrally and cost-efficiently for all specialties.

The hospital can now organize and automate the quantification process easily according to specialty and disorder. The individual results from the questionnaires are not only conveniently saved and safeguarded, they are also immediately available. The results enable consultations to be conducted more effectively and play a vital role in monitoring the patient's process of recovery. Standard Sets, created by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), are implemented in QuestLink and can now also be used.


The patient also benefits from QuestLink. Questionnaire-based information is provided for the patient to prepare prior to a consultation. Additionally, the patient can provide input by completing questionnaires such as Auto Anamnesis or PROs. providing the care provider with information on subjects the patient wishes to discuss during the consultation.

“The integration of the care process in the software and the shared vision on questioning the patient for information were reason enough for the Martini Hospital to opt for VitalHealth QuestLink. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will enable us to contribute towards health care improvement," explains Harm Wesseling, Manager ICT & Medical Technology.

The implementation has been successful so far, and the go-live date is planned for the first week in October. The entire project is expected to be fully implemented by the end of this year.

About Martini Hospital
The Martini Hospital is a leading clinical training hospital that distinguishes itself with a wide range of specialized medical care and a hospitable environment. We collaborate very closely with family physicians and other care providers in the collaborative health management sector. Together we aim to provide the best care possible. Our care provision processes are highly efficient and are based on patients’ demands for health care. We take sustainability seriously and we are fully aware of our social responsibilities. We therefore also invest in the sustained employability of our staff. For more information, go to

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