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Livio starts reassessment home care based on OMAHA system

VitalHealth Software develops unique solution quickly

Livio, an organization for nursing and home care in Enschede, The Netherlands, provides care to more than 7,000 clients from more than 2,600 employees. Changes to healthcare laws in early 2015 require home health care services to be documented. The new assessment tool from VitalHealth enables Livio to comply with this law. The solution is based on the OMAHA classification system and has been developed using the new Premium Edition of the VitalHealth Platform. The solution is integrated with Livio’s current back office system and is used on tablets by home care workers.

The project with Livio is part of a long-term collaboration between VitalHealth Software and Livio. The first phase of this project, the development of the assessment tool was delivered in March. With this assessment tool, Livio Home Care is able to evaluate all clients and determine their need for care. Each Livio nurse has been trained and equipped with a tablet. The results of each assessment are controlled by Livio customer administration and forwarded to the back office system.

OMAHA classification system

Due to the changing healthcare system, home care now plays an important role in health and social care in the Netherlands. The nurse will be able to work more closely with the doctor and play a key role in primary care. This involves not only the provision of care at home but also capturing and indexing problems, interventions, and outcomes. With the OMAHA classification system, Livio can integrate structured settings. Within the assessment tool are automatic suggestions for OMAHA signals, symptoms, and territories. This makes working with the OMAHA system very user-friendly. The OMAHA system itself was developed in Omaha, Nebraska, and is now used in more than 20 countries worldwide. The system is seeing more exposure in the Netherlands as a resource for benchmarking in content, quality, and cost of care.

Automated care arrangement

The new tool for Livio is the first project phase by VitalHealth for nursing and home health care. The main goal for this project is the work collaboration between the provider and nurse. VitalHealth, with experience in supporting multidisciplinary primary care, was in a good position to support this project. With the launch last year of the Premium Edition, VitalHealth also has the ability to configure applications quickly since much of functionality is already built into the VitalHealth Platform. The assessment tool function includes the ability for the home care worker to put together and almost entirely automate the care package structure for the client.

"Over a period of two and a half months, the assessment tool has been discussed, developed, tested, and delivered. This success is due to close collaboration between the Livio project group and systems analysts from VitalHealth. We are satisfied and it is excellent that our vision could be translated in this way so quickly," said Guido van der Logt, Board Chairman, Livio.

Now that the first phase has been completed, VitalHealth and Livio will continue to work together. In the next phase of the project, the assessment tool will be extended to include calendar functionality suitable for a smartphone. The tool will also be developed into a more complete electronic client medical file suitable for hospital care. The starting point for the whole process is to acheive more cooperation in the region and increase cooperation in neighborhoods.

About Livio

Livio has a long history of providing care to thousands of customers in the Netherlands through home care, including specialized care, night care, and nursing home care. Livio offers assisted living care at nine living center locations. Nursing home care is provided through two main locations and seven small-scale locations throughout the region. Livio also provides home care for permanently disabled clients. For more information:

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