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Care Group Synchroon selects VitalHealth for primary mental health care solution

A program in collaboration with Vilans, Synchroon and care network partners

Care Group Synchroon, consisting of approximately 115 General Practitioners and 200 care network partners, will begin using the VitalHealth solution to support mental health in primary care. The care group, led by Vilans, has chosen to collaborate on a process in which caregivers can think about both the use of the module and the associated mental health eHealth treatments. In the coming months, the mental health module will be used by all general practitioners at primary care practices supporting mental health care.

Care Group Synchroon has supported the field of mental health care in primary care for a region in the South of Holland over the past two years. In that region almost 90% of general practices have assigned a mental health general practitioner. The care group makes use of VitalHealth CHM for the Diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular risk, and geriatric modules. In addition, now the mental health VitalHealth solution will be implemented.


At the start of the implementation of the mental health module, care group Synchroon is collaborating with Vilans. The collaboration is focused on the way in which GPs want to work in the mental health care system and how the mental health module should support this workflow. Implementation will be conducted in several phases, with general practitioners and physician assistants starting with the module first. In the summer, the use of eHealth treatments will be included. Other parties using the module in addition to Synchroon include health insurance companies, municipalities, regional welfare organizations, client organizations, mental health institutions, and addiction specialists and independent practitioners such as psychologists and psychiatrists.

Synchroon faces the challenge to facilitate mental health in primary care, including eHealth treatments. Stakeholders have chosen the VitalHealth mental health module. We are confident that the VitalHealth solution supports the core communication and work processes within mental health care. Synchroon already has experience with the implementation of multiple care programs using the VitalHealth CHM system. Through this collaboration process, we are confident that this additional module builds on the prior training and technical implementation, allowing all users to perceive the solution as added value,” said Hedi ter Braak, Manager, Care Group Synchroon.

Process Implementation

The start of the collaboration process began on Thursday, January 8th, with about 100 health care professionals present. The project explicitly emphasizes the content of the care process. Together, care professionals created the desired project collaboration roadmap, including insights, risks, and opportunities of the implementation process and a desired final outcome. An expert and core team will work towards an implementation plan during collaboration sessions. VitalHealth Software will attend all sessions and is the supplier for the mental health care module.

"To turn change into improvement, it takes more than just training and education. To accomplish this goal, Synchroon opted to include Vilans to manage an intensive implementation process. At the beginning, all stakeholders are invited to share experiences to provide insight for improvement of the future work process. All parties worked enthusiastically together through this challenging process," said Anja Clement, Project, Basic mental health at Care Group Synchroon.

Throughout the implementation process, the mental health module will already be available to GPs and mental health physician assistants in support of eHealth treatments.

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