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Foundation "Centrum 45" Uses QuestManager (QuestLink) in Psychotrauma Treatment

New target group and languages in ROM-monitoring

Foundation Centrum ‘45 will use VitalHealth QuestManager in the treatment of the after effects of severely distressing events and psychological traumas. The treatments will be monitored through the Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) tool. Considering the large target group, the questionnaires will be offered in multiple different languages.

Foundation “Centrum 45” diagnoses and treats war victims, veterans, refugees, and people who have experienced traumatic events due to their line of work. Foundation Centrum ‘45 is geared toward being a psychotrauma specialist for patients who are lacking adequate care in the first and second line of the GGZ. VitalHealth QuestManager will be implemented to perform ROM monitoring on these patient groups. The results will offer more insight into the problems faced and treatment progress of the client.

In order to offer the client the best possible overview, connections between QuestManager, Quli (the patient platform), and the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) will be put in place. Through Quli, the client stays in contact with the care practitioner and fills in the questionnaires. The client’s information is then saved into the EPD. Each party involved by the client will have a good overview of the treatment progress being made. 

A unique feature of the project at Centrum ‘45 is the number of languages the questionnaire is offered in. Besides Dutch, questionnaires can be also be displayed in languages such as Arabic and Farsi. This also includes right-to-left languages.

“A well-implemented ROM structure is a necessary condition to reaching well-informed improvements and innovations within the treatment programs. It is also a starting point for discussing the individual patient’s progress with his/her treatment plan,” said Twan Driessen, General Director at Foundation Centrum ‘45. 

VitalHealth QuestManager is currently also being rolled out at the Psychotrauma Diagnose Centrum (PDC) and the Institute for Psychotrauma (IVP). These organizations, like Foundation Centrum ‘45, are part of the Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group – a group of institutions and organizations that is involved with exploring the after effects of severely distressing events and psychological traumas.

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