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VitalHealth Software launches Patient Engagement solution in US market

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Dec 5, 2013 - VitalHealth Software, a leading global provider of web-based solutions for health management established by Mayo Clinic and the Noaber Foundation, today announces the availability of VitalHealth QuestLink, a cloud-based software solution to stimulate patient engagement through the use of online questionnaires.

VitalHealth QuestLink was designed to give care providers a flexible solution to drive the design, deployment and monitoring of online questionnaires for the purpose of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in for instance pre- and post-operative patient engagement, as well as Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) in mental and behavioral health settings.

Blair Butterfield, President of VitalHealth Software USA comments: “With a successful launch of our Specialty Practice EHR platform earlier this year, the underlying VitalHealth Platform has proven to be a perfect fit for the creation of cloud-based healthcare software solutions.” The VitalHealth Platform is the common denominator for VitalHealth Solutions, and enables the creation and deployment of healthcare solutions that can be accessed remotely through a browser on both workstations as well as mobile devices. “With government regulations putting increased emphasis on preventive care and reduction of costs associated with preventable hospital readmissions, we see patient engagement as the next logical focus area beyond the deployment of EHRs. Patients have adopted mobile technologies en-masse, and it is only a natural progression to use that medium for new patient engagement solutions.”

VitalHealth QuestLink was launched in the Netherlands several years ago, and has been successfully deployed for both ROM and PROM based scenarios. “With patients leading busy lives and often located far from their providers, it is a challenge for providers to monitor and ensure patient adherence to for instance pre- and post-operative instructions, or to routinely monitor their mental well-being”, says Lester Wold, MD, Chief Medical Officer of VitalHealth Software. “Our existing customer base has seen the proof that QuestLink helps avoid costly readmissions and provides early alerts when behavioral health monitoring uncovers alarming developments. We see the same need in the US market, for instance for hospitals and health systems, ACOs, Ambulatory Surgical Centers as well as mental and behavioral health institutes.”

While customers are free to design and deploy their own questionnaires, VitalHealth QuestLink also includes an extensive library of standardized questionnaires, enabling providers to get off to a quick start with improving quality of care and driving down costs. Many questionnaires embed published and proven formulas for calculating measurable results with visual indicators to depict the progress of patient care. Besides that, data can be aggregated at the practice level for population level research projects.

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