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Drive clinical excellence

Fortis Healthcare Limited aspires to drive clinical excellence through continuous improvement and enhancement of its clinical care and services. For that reason, in 2015, Fortis wanted to manage outcome measurements in all their hospitals across India. They looked for scalable software that would help them to achieve their goals of proactive patient engagement, effectively managing patient outcomes and improving quality of patient care at their hospitals. As a part of their clinical excellence program, Fortis wanted to capture their clinical outcomes and benchmark them against international standards based on the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). Fortis’ homegrown clinical outcome measurement software was limited in features and restricted their clinicians to engage with patients effectively. Monitoring of clinical outcomes of patients at desired timeframes was difficult and even led to inaccurate results.

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The goal of Philips VitalHealth is to have a positive influence on global health closely matches the leading vision of Fortis Healthcare. With its dedication to eHealth, Philips VitalHealth is an ideal partner for further improving our leading position in Medical Excellence. Dr. Bishnu Panigrahi, Head of Medical Strategy and Operations Group, Fortis Healthcare Limited