Improving Health through Trust and Relationships

An interview with Felipe Moyano, manager at OSDE


As the largest health insurance provider in Argentina with 43 years of experience, OSDE understands that running a successful business is about respecting their members, providers, and employees. “We understand we have a mutual goal with our members to improve health,” says Felipe Moyano, manager at OSDE, “Dealing with people’s health is a serious topic and as a leading company OSDE is compelled to play a key role in the Argentinian health care industry further than its own business.”

 As the global health burden increases for Argentina as well as for the rest of the world, OSDE has created a program through their network of offices to reach a set of patients between fifty and seventy years of age with chronic health conditions, and provide remote health management services called OSDE Proteger+.

OSDE Proteger+ Program

Directly translated from Spanish, Proteger+ means “to protect more” but that is the first part of the story. Proteger+ (pronounced pɾo-te-ˈxer mas) connects patients with Health Advisors on a regular basis, either by phone, through an online portal or via a mobile app, to provide counseling on lifestyle changes that can be made to improve the patient’s quality of life and on how the patient uses health care resources. All Health Advisors have a university-level education, such as physicians, nutritionists, psychiatrists, pharmacists or nurses, and work out of a contact center. As part of the program, Health Advisors are also provided extensive training on patient engagement and active listening.

Listening Leads to Change

The original idea to create the contact center staffed with Health Advisors was to provide a way for patients to receive treatment instructions and education. OSDE soon recognized after consultation with psychologists having expertise in chronic diseases, that Health Advisors were giving patients the same instructions that the patient was receiving from their primary care provider. Only small improvements were being seen in the health of their patients. “We have to listen to the member. Our members are experts on their life and our providers are experts on medicine. We asked ourselves, ‘what is our role?’ OSDE should be the expert on helping people change,” said Moyano. With this insight, OSDE created a new approach to the way they interacted with patients. “OSDE takes care of them not as a patient but as a person, an individual.”

Building Relationships


Nurturing connections was the most important takeaway for OSDE in the past year through the OSDEProteger+ program. After establishing a relationship, Health Advisors are able to develop customized experiences with their patients and build trust over time because a patient will always interact with the same Health Advisor. “There is no way of nurturing a relationship if you don’t know your patients. The quality of the relationship is important. The better the relationship, the more honest the health answers will be,” says Moyano. One result from the program is that “patients feel content as though someone is taking care of them. We work with them to increase their quality of life.”

Working Together for Social Impact

The first goal of the program was to have a social impact by improving the health of their members. As an OSDE member, “you can get care from any doctor just by showing your OSDE card. Spending a lot of money does not, however, make sure you are going to be healthy. By matching the standards costs information and the clinic data, caring about the member and what they are doing, and caring about their life, you are making sure to give them a quality life.” Patients are already self-reporting that they have made changes in their lives and are seeing results. Losing weight and being able to control high blood pressure are two of the positive health outcomes that have been seen with Proteger+.

“We chose VitalHealth not only for the software solution, but also because we found a good partner. The software is important but it is a tool. You have to decide the whole program, the processes, the training. It has to be reliable,” says Moyano, “But more importantly is the flexibility and the vision of the company you work with. VitalHealth was selected because we share the same business ideas and we have the same philosophy about impacting people´s health.

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